Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Evan Joshua Harris

He' s here! We are so pleased to announce that Evan Joshua Harris joined us on Sunday June 24 at 7:32 pm weighing 6lbs and 8 ozs, 2o inches long. It was a little difficult process for him but he is doing great. I promise to blog more about him in a day or so when I get back on my feet a little.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pregnancy Pictures

Here are a few pictures we took yesterday. I am currently 38 weeks. Only two weeks left!! We have not taken very many pictures since I've been pregnant. Not because I mind the belly just because I don't think about it. I'm not a real good picture person when it comes to pictures of myself. The picture of Justin and I with our bellies together is a joke. He says he still has the bigger belly. I don't think so! He's just pushing his out and mine is just there!:) We are both going on a diet when Evan is born. Justin had started before we found out that I was expecting but decided to wait until I could join him. Actually, I kind of asked him to wait due to the fact that I knew I would be gaining during these past months. Thanks to my Mom and Aunt MaryLou who made me this skirt! It is extremely comfortable and fits me about the best of any of my maternity clothes.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Week Done!

Well, here it is a week since my last post! Let's just say it's been an interesting week. The AC did get fixed last Tuesday at about 7PM. It had gotten to 90 in the house so Justin and I went out for a bit that afternoon instead of sitting in the sauna! The guy that fixed it told us that the problem came from improper maintenance. When we told him we had the company come out every 6 months he said "Yes, but you have to stand and watch over their shoulder and make sure they do everything they are supposed to! A lot of times the jobs I get are because the maintenance isn't being done properly.". So, now that we know what all they are supposed to do, we can hopefully avoid this problem again!
Thursday of last week was my last day of nursing. At least for the foreseeable future. It actually affected me a lot more than I thought it was going to. I guess I'm having a serious case of pregnancy hormones! I'm really looking forward to being a stay at home mommy, but when I left work on Thursday it kind of felt like my world was starting to crumble. I have been so blessed that up until this point in the pregnancy I have not gone through a lot of hormonal emotions. Believe me, I have been thanking the Lord for it! I know it can get pretty rough for some women. Come September I am going to work enough to keep my license active.
Friday we had our weekly OB appointment. I actually gained a pound this week! A good thing since I haven't gained any the past three weeks. Evan's heart rate was in the 140's which is good. He was very active for the appointment which made the doctor laugh. Every time she tried to feel where he was he would kick or move to get away from her! He is head down but not in a good position for delivery. He is in what the call an occiput posterior position. It is still possible for a natural delivery just a much longer harder labor. They feel it is probably due to the fact that I have an anterior placenta. They used to use forceps when the baby was in this position. This Friday I see my OB doctor so I will be curious as to what he has to say. It's hard to believe that this little man will be here in 2 or 3 weeks!
I have been working on cleaning and getting the final things done in Evan's room. The pictures are of the decorating I have done so far. The bedding we got is so cute and soft! When I get the rest of his room done I will post more pictures. Also, I'm going to try and get some pictures of Justin and I up. Believe it or not, we haven't taken that many pictures of us since I've been pregnant! Actually we don't have that many pictures of us period except when we are at my family's house. I guess that's due to the fact that we always have the camera out when we are there.
So, that has been our week. I trust everyone had a great week and a wonderful Father's Day!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Justin called me while I was at work yesterday and asked if I wanted the bad news. Now typically when he says this I'm not to worried. However, he proceeded to tell me he had gone into Evan's room and the carpet felt like "grass that has dew on it". Upon further investigation he realized that our AC pipes had backed up and were overflowing. He turned the AC off and called the company we have a contract with only to be told they couldn't come until 4 this afternoon. Unfortunately, yesterday and today have been the hottest most humid days we have had so far! (96-100 degrees and 80-90% humidity) When I got home we called my Dad who is very good at home repairs, improvement, etc. Thanks for the advice Dad! It seems to be working! One of my main concerns was that the carpet and padding would mildew and mold with the temperature being as hot as it is. We have a shop vac and so we vacuumed as much water as we could. Justin tried to vacuum the pipes out which worked to a certain extent but not enough to be able to turn the AC back on. Dad said to use the blower end of the shop vac and snake it under the carpet to dry the padding out. A brilliant idea which so far is working! We had to move some of the furniture and other things but fortunately he caught it before the entire room got wet. The pictures are of the set up we have to dry the carpet. The picture of the temperature was taken early this morning as proof that it is VERY warm in our house and not just a very pregnant woman exaggerating!:) It actually is reading 85 now. The wonderful news is that in about 4 hours the AC should be fixed and working! Thank the Lord for wonderful things like AC!

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby Shower

Here are a few more pictures from the baby shower. I'm still trying to get things put away! My mother-in-law has four miniature Yorkshire terriers. They sat and looked at me while I was opening the gifts as if to say "All these toys and none for us!?" They are very spoiled and used to getting toys every time there are presents around! Yogi, the oldest sat at my feet with a very disturbed look. He's probably wondering what in the world all the fuss is about. Just a quick update: I am going to be more than ready when this little guy decides it's time to join the world! Justin has been such a sweetheart doing whatever he thinks will make me more comfortable. I thank God daily for such a wonderful husband! I love you Sweetheart! We have an appointment tomorrow so we will see if our suspicions are right. I think Evan has turned so now he is in breech position. He has turned quite a few times but it sure feels like his head that keeps poking in my right rib! It is kind of cute because he seems to know when it's Daddy's hand on my tummy. He really kicks and moves as if to show off. We sure are looking forward to meeting this little guy! I almost have the nursery decorated so I will post pictures as soon as it's done.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Evan's Royal Chairs!

These chairs are a gift from Justin's cousin April who owns a children's furniture store. I think they are so cute and unique! The top one is a potty chair which you can put your child's picture in. The great thing about this potty chair is that the front has a little cup that comes up for little boys. Hopefully that means less mess for Mommy! I also think the top where it says "his majesty's royal throne" is cute! I'm hoping that when the time comes this chair will be great incentive! The second chair is a matching rocking chair. Kids love things their own size and I thought it was really a neat gift. It says "Always a Prince" on the top. The bottom picture is a gift from Evan's Uncle Adam. It's called a Wee Block that says "Tinkle tinkle lil' star". I don't think this needs a long explanation!:) What they don't think of! If it works it could be a great thing. At least that's what Daddy thinks!

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New Minivan

Well, we finally did it. We purchased our first minivan. I feel a little older now. It was an emotionally difficult decision for me!:) Just kidding, although for those of you who know me I was very attached to my Toyota Camry. My Camry was not the greatest deal in the world, but it was one I did on my own. I am going to miss that car! Anyway, we bought this 2007 Nissan Quest the end of March. I know, I know, it's taken this long to post! I will get better at updating, I promise!:) We felt like it was time to get something bigger and with all the traveling we do the minivan was the best option. This one has some really great features like DVD player, automatic door opening for the back hatch and side door, fold down second and third row and a few other things. We should now have plenty of room for our things, the baby's things AND still be able to see out the back window when we travel to PA!:) I really do like it and it didn't take to long to get adjusted to driving a bigger vehicle. We'll have to see if we can get as many miles out of it as my parents have gotten out of their minivan!

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