Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007 cont.

Out little family! Can you tell Evan is ready for a nap?
Daddy's little man!
Evan with Daddy and Yogi. Evan, "I think I like this dog!".
Evan, "Okay, maybe not so much! At least not when he barks!". Yogi decided to bark at something Justin did and it really startled Evan. He really does like all 4 of the dogs. Normally he'll sit and watch them and giggle at their antics. They seems to return the affection. They'll bring Evan toys and when he cries they look at you like you had better help him. Very cute!
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Happy Thanksgiving 2007!

First time driving! (Don't worry we are just sitting in our driveway!:)) This was Thanksgiving day and we were getting ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa White's house. We spent the day with them just hanging out. It was actually a little cool which was nice for this northern girl. I get very nostalgic and homesick this time of year. I'll have to do two posts as I can only post 4 pictures at a time. Sorry!
Great-grandma White and Evan. She hadn't seen him since he was 3 weeks old. They got along great and of course Evan ate up the attention!
Grandma and Grandpa White with Evan and little Tiffany.
Grandpa and Evan being silly! We're not sure who enjoys it more! Evan or Grandpa? Oh, the faces they do make at each other!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Just saying hello!

Greetings from the sunny south! Much to my dismay, I received a phone call yesterday morning from my mom saying it was snowing there! Then in the afternoon April so graciously sent pictures with the caption "Want to build a snowman?". It's times like these that I really miss living up north! I always love the first snow of the season and wow, what a ton of memories come flooding back! Hopefully, when we go to Mom and Dad's next month there will be snow. After all, Evan needs to make his first snow angel. It has been a little cooler here in FL which I am very thankful for. It has been a busy month for us so far. Justin has been working on his step dad's book and trying to keep up with the shopping centers. It looks like he will be getting another center in TN come the middle of December. Of course, on top of all that he makes time to help me around the house and keeps Evan entertained. Evan thinks his Daddy is the greatest and I whole heartedly agree! I thank God daily for such a wonderful husband! Evan is doing well and starting to sleep better now that the growth spurt has subsided a little. We did end up having to switch formulas again. He just wouldn't take the hypoallergenic formula. Believe me, I don't think I would have either! It was awful smelling and apparently Evan didn't think it tasted so great either! He is now rolling from back to tummy as well as tummy to back. His favorite position is standing up. He prefers to be in his exersaucer or standing on Daddy's lap. He does sit up although falls over quite quickly due to the fact that he tries to stand. He finds falling over very funny! He is ALL boy! He laughs so much! I think he must have his mother's laugh gene because it sure doesn't take much to make him laugh. For some reason, one look at Grandpa White never fails to make him giggle. Not sure what that's about!:) We are spending Thanksgiving with Justin's family. I get to do some of the cooking which I really enjoy. This year I'm making stuffing, bread pudding, jello salad and mashed potatoes. I have got nearly all my Christmas shopping done. I don't know what I would do if there was no Internet as that is how I did the majority of my shopping this year. Talk about convenience for someone who despises shopping!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm a big boy now!

Evan had his four month two week check up today and (drum roll please) he weighs 14lbs 5ozs! We're finally making progress! He is 26 inches long so we are way ahead in length. The doctor switched his formula again to Similac Alimentum. This is due to the fact that since we switched formula last time Evan has had diarrhea every time he goes. This formula is lactose free and also the proteins are partially broken down. This should take care of both the reflux and any issues with lactose intolerance. He got 5 immunizations so this picture is a good one of how he has been all day. Okay, well except the fact that when he is awake he is pretty fussy. Other than that he is doing great. We have so much fun with him! Well, I'm having my in-laws for dinner and I need to get the lasagna out of the oven. I'll try and get more pictures up of Evan playing. Sorry, I tried posting a picture with this post, but for some reason it didn't show up!
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Early Christmas Present!

Yesterday my early Christmas present was delivered! For Christmas Cheryl (my mother-in-law) got me a new washer and dryer. After a ton of research online I decided to go with this LG set. I've always had a top load washer, but we decided to go with a front load this time as the reviews were the best. I've already done 6 loads of laundry in them (it's amazing how much laundry a little one produces!:)) and love them! They are so much quieter which means I can now start laundry in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. (Yes, I actually did this last night because I couldn't sleep after Evan was up for a bottle!)

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