Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uncle Adam and Bryce

Justin, Joe and Alison (Joe is Justin's childhood best friend)
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Bryce's new swing. We love it! It goes side to side as well.
The shirts say it all!
Cheesin'! Bryce smiles big like this all the time! So cute! He even giggled at me two days ago when I was changing his clothes.
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Catching up!

Blogger is not allowing me to upload photos right now, so as soon as I post this I will upload via Picasa! We are doing well. Bryce had his two month check up and weighed in at 13lb 10oz and was 25in long. He is such a pleasant baby and smiles very easily! He is up once at night for a bottle. Overall his stomach is much improved. I think given time he will outgrow his reflux much more quickly than Evan did. Evan is doing great! He keeps us on our toes! He is trying really hard to talk and is actually saying a lot more understandable words. We are amazed at how many words he knows the meanings too. His favorite new thing is the movie Cars! At least once a day he asks to watch it. Justin celebrated his 29th birthday on Sept 17. We ended up going to Outback with family and friends on Sat. Aterwards the kids went with Grandpa and Grandma and we went bowling with friends. We had a great time! I am still looking for a part time job that provides insurance. Nothing yet, but hopefully in the next month or so I'll find something.