Saturday, October 27, 2007

Four Months

How time does fly! Evan turned four months old on the 24th. He is doing really well! The formula has made such a huge difference. He is taking about 29 ounces a day now as well as eating a little cereal and bananas. He's not to sure about the cereal yet! The tummy pain is considerably better which we are so thankful for! He is rolling from his tummy to his back now (he loves to do it and then giggles like he's big stuff!:)) and loves to play in his exersaucer. He also has started really laughing. It is the cutest thing! We haven't had him weighed in a while, but he has gained at least a little weight. He's now completely out of newborn sized clothes and into three month size. His next appointment with the pedi is Nov. 7. I am

anxious to see where we're at.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

We're back!

Hello! Sorry it has been so long since we posted new pictures and updated the blog! (Dad and Mom, the bottom picture is the one I told you about last week!:)) We were in Hobe Sound last weekend visiting my brother Jonathan and his lovely wife Tonya. We had an awesome time! Thanks you guys for opening up your home, helping with Evan and the wonderful food! (Tonya, you are a great cook!) We love you and can't wait to get together again! While we were there we were able to see the extended family as well. Thanks to my aunts and cousins for helping with Evan and keeping him entertained. We found out that Evan is quite a little flirt! He just adored his girl cousins and was being quite the little charmer! Justin picked up a very bad case of the flu on Friday (10/5) and passed it to me this past weekend! So far Evan hasn't showed any signs of getting it. We had a huge answer to prayer this past week in the form of a new formula! We were kind of at wits end with Evan's reflux as I didn't want to give him any more medication than what we were already giving him. When I called the doctor last Thursday (10/4) we discussed changing the formula and also the possibility of Evan being lactose intolerant. He suggested trying Enfamil Gentlease which is thicker (because it is made for reflux babies) and also has only one forth of the lactose that the rest of the formulas have. So on Friday we switched and so far he is doing great with it. He has been taking 26-28 ounces a day instead of 22-24 ounces and hasn't fought us nearly as much. We are to give it a couple of weeks and if things keep improving we will leave him on that. Otherwise, we will switch him to a completely lactose free formula. The other big news with Evan is we think he is starting to cut teeth! He has been chewing on whatever he can get in his mouth for about two weeks now and drooling like crazy. I finally felt around in his mouth yesterday and you can feel them in his gums. His gums are also starting to get white. Much to my dismay he has discovered he likes to suck his thumb! I had been hoping to avoid this as I was a thumb sucker until I was much older than I should have been!:) I had been pulling his thumb out every time he seemed to be sucking on it, but last weekend in church he was sleeping and I had him covered with a blanket, when I checked on him there he was with his little thumb in his mouth. The picture on the bottom is one I snapped last week when I checked on him during his nap and once again he was sucking his thumb. The only good thing about a thumb instead of a binky is that you can't lose a thumb like you do a binky!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Visit to Orlando

Well, it has been an incredibly busy, but very fun week and it isn't over yet! This past Tuesday Justin, Adam (Justin's brother), Evan and myself went to Orlando to see some of Justin's family. Uncle Gerald and Aunt Donna were down on vacation and Uncle Ron and Aunt Cindy live near Orlando. We met up at the condo were Gerald and Donna were staying and then went out to eat. Afterwards we all went back to the condo to hang out and talk. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting to know everyone better. The top picture from right to left is Jennifer (Ron and Cindy's daughter), Gerald, Ron, Cindy holding Evan and Kyle (Christina's boyfriend). The second picture includes Christina (next to Kyle) and Katlyn (Gerald and Donna's daughter). The last picture includes Donna. The only people I missed getting a picture of was Andy (Gerald and Donna's son) and Larissa (Jennifer's daughter). Thank you ladies for entertaining Evan! He loves the attention! Tomorrow we are leaving for a weekend with my family in Hobe Sound. We should get to my brother's mid afternoon and will return on Monday. Of course I will post pictures of that when we get back. Just a quick update on Evan, we switched formulas today to see if that will help. In the past week he has started with the really bad tummy pain and gas again. We have such a hard time getting him to eat when he is in pain and I can't blame him because I don't want to eat when I don't feel good. We're praying the new formula will help and hopefully we can start getting him off some of the medication. Other than the tummy pain he is smiling and laughing all the time. He has such a cute personality and is very sociable! Don't know where he gets that from!:)

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