Sunday, May 31, 2009

April and May Post

I know I have not been very faithful at keeping this blog updated the past few months, so I thought I would take some time and post pictures of what we have been up to the last few months! In April we spent a week in CO with Justin's family. We had a great time and with the exception of hating the snow suit, Evan loved sledding and playing in the snow. The day before we were scheduled to leave one of the biggest snow storms of the year hit CO. Needless to say, it caused quite some excitement and we left our resort a day early. We spent the last night in Denver and it's a good thing we did because two hours after we left they closed the interstate that leads from Breckenridge to Denver! They got around 30 some inches in the mountains and while beautiful, it made for treacherous driving! In other news, I am now 34 weeks pregnant. Other than some Braxton Hicks I haven't felt too bad. We are scheduled for a July 8th induction. That means we will be having Bryce ten days early. The only thing that will change that is if my blood pressure gets too high and we have to have him earlier. We are naming him Bryce Gavin for all those who were wondering. May was a busy month with Evan having his first "major" illness. It hit him Mother Day and was not a fun week and a half. We ended up giving him his first antibiotic which he responded very well too. He had croup and so he and Mommy spent quite a few nights with very little sleep. Croup always worsens at night, but after two days on the medicine he was sleeping much better. In just a few short weeks our little man will be turning 2. It's so hard for me to believe! He is such a happy little guy and turning into quite the "ham"! He is really trying to talk in sentences, but you can still only understand a word here and there. Justin and I have both had quite a bit of work lately which is keeping us on our toes. I'm so looking forward to a break when one of my best friends from teenage years comes down for a week. She will be arriving June 8. This may be the last post for a while as it looks like June is completely packed. Not the restful month I thought I would have before welcoming a new baby! Oh well, for those who know me well, it's my kind of thing!
Our little man sporting Mommy's Bucs hat. Normally he wants nothing to do with hats!
33 weeks! Only 6 weeks to go! July 8th here we come!
Sledding with Daddy! I just hopped in for a picture.
Aunt Brooke and Evan.
All dressed for the weather! He loved sledding!
On our way down to Denver in the middle of a blizzard!
The view out our window right before we left the resort.

Evan has started doing this when we tell him to smile for the camera! Like I said, he is quite a "ham".
Daddy and Evan all ready for church this morning.
Okay, so he is very attached to his blankie. The other week when I was washing it he stood like this in front of the washer watching it. He kept fussing for it and didn't understand that he had to wait. It was really kind of funny to watch!
Mother's day with a fever of 102. Just the start of a not very fun week! I felt so bad for him. He just laid around.
Not the norm! Like I said, he was really sick and this is the way he was for several days.
Just a glimpse of the fun personality he has!