Friday, October 31, 2008

Back porch.
Guest bathroom.
Our little man! Doesn't he just look ornery?!
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Our cleared out master bedroom closet. It is a fairly large walk in closet, but before I cleared it out you couldn't even walk to the back!
Dining room
Living room.

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For Sale

Well, there is a good reason why I have not been blogging lately. Our condo is officially up for sale! I have been packing and reorganizing everything we own. The realtor wanted us to move everything we don't use on a daily basis into storage. She recommended we only keep 12 outfits here, but with the market being the way it is we are not expecting to sell in a few weeks time. I'm still amazed at how two people and a little person can accumulate so much stuff! We have a 5X10 storage unit FULL! The place does look much bigger though. Evan liked to "help" Mommy pack. He was so cute. He would bring his toys and put it into the box I was working on and then look at me and smile. So proud of himself! He is doing great! Saying more and more words all the time. When I take him to the park now he immediately searches for other kids to play with. Today there was a little boy about 4 years old that really took an interest in Evan. Evan had a blast following him around and trying to do everything the older boy was doing. The elderly neighbor man I was taking care of passed away on Sunday. We have been hanging out with his wife some because she has been so lonely and unsure of what to do with herself. She cared for him for so long she doesn't quite know what to do with her time. Also, this past Sunday we were able to have Tim and Sharron (Sherman) Teed in our home for the day. I went to Hobe Sound with Sharron. They are Fed-Ex truckers and were going to be in Tampa for the weekend. It was so nice having them here! We had a lot of fun! I forgot to take any picture. Other than that we haven't been up to much else. We are loving the cooler fall weather that has started here in FL!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

15 Month Check-up and Updated Pictures

Evan had his 15 month 2 week check-up yesterday. He is 33 inches long and weighs 23 pounds. He hasn't gained any weight since his last appointment but he grew 3 inches. The doctor said he looks very healthy and is surprised at the fact that Evan hasn't really ever had more than a mild cold. He was impressed with all the words Evan can say and how well he listens when given directions. It was one of those days where when I said "Come here please" Evan immediately responded. I wish he did that everyday!:) Evan managed to escape any shots as the Hib vaccine is on national shortage and I opted not to have the flu shot or chickenpox vaccine given. Question for all you Mom's who read this blog: Did you give your child(ren) the chickenpox vaccine and why or why not? The pediatrician is really pushing for Evan to have it, but I really don't want him to have it. The research I have done seems inconclusive as to it effectiveness. My theory is that we (my generation) all had it and we made it just fine. The doctor did admit to me that children rarely develop life threatening complications from chickenpox. Anyway, Evan is doing great. He spiked a decent fever last weeks for a few days, but was in a jolly mood and we think it must have just been teeth. He did get a little lethargic with it and was a little cuddlebug. He is running now! Much to Mommy's dismay at moments! Thus the start of scraped knees and fat lips. Yes, he had both this past week! Putting his blankie in his firetruck!
Just waking from a nap. Yes, he still naps in his swing!:)
This is very unusual for him. He normally doesn't want to cuddle except when he isn't feeling well or in the middle of the night. I had just gotten him up from his nap and was scratching his back (which he LOVES!). Excuse my fly-away hair!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stephen Nathaniel Brown

Marianne and Phillip welcomed Stephen Nathaniel into their lives at 11:40Am. He weighed in at 6lbs 12ozs. Momma and Baby are both doing great. Congratulations to the whole family! I can't wait to see my newest nephew! This will make five grandsons for my parents!:)