Monday, February 25, 2008

Anniversary trip

We had an awesome time in Orlando and came back feeling very relaxed. We were both able to catch up on some much needed sleep! We had a Jacuzzi suite which was wonderful! We checked in on Thursday and then went into Downtown Disney to pick up our tickets for the show that night. After eating dinner we headed back to Disney and wondered around until the show started. It was great as usual! There were four little Chinese girls who were absolutely adorable! They were only five or six and wow, were they ever good. They had what looked like some kind yo yo on a string and they would throw them in the air, do back flips and all kinds of other gymnastics then catch them on the string again. Friday we slept in, wondered around Orlando, ate, watched a movie and generally just took it easy. We were both ready to come home on Saturday, but it was a great trip!
Evan did great staying with Grandma and Grandpa White. He slept all night for them and was his usual charming self. He officially has four teeth now. The top left front tooth came through while we were gone. He loves chewing on Nilla wafers and the little Gerber puffs. Being gone from him for two days brought into perspective how big he is getting! Sometimes when we are here with him all day every day we don't notice how much he has grown until someone mentions it. The picture with his shoes may need some explaining. Evan hates shoes! Normally, when we stand him like that he wants to walk everywhere! Not so when he has shoes on! We could not get him to take one step. He just stood there. I bought them because they are so cute and he needed a pair of dressy shoes. It was like he had two blocks on his feet. I'll try and get a video of him "crawling" (it's actually half crawl/half drag) on here later. He is quite speedy and gets where he wants to go!

Say "Cheese"!
The dreaded shoes!
The Jacuzzi in our room. So relaxing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Early Valentine and Anniversary Gift

My wonderful husband came home today with these beautiful roses, cards and gift card for a day at the spa! Since Valetine's day and our anniversary are so close together we usually celebrate both at the same time. Next week we are going to Orlando for two days while Evan stays with Grandma and Grandpa White. While there we are going to a Cirque De Soleil show. I thought that was my gift this year so I was very surprised when the doorbell rang and there stood Justin with the flowers! He is such an awesome husband and he spoils me terribly! I love you Sweetheart!!

Hobe Sound Visit

This weekend we made a trip over to Hobe Sound, FL to visit my family there. Grandma Miller had come down with a group from PA for Seabreeze camp meeting. We had a wonderful time visiting! It was the first time she had met Evan. We stayed with my brother Jonathan and his beautiful wife Tonya. On Saturday we had a family get together at my Aunt Faye's. Then on Sunday we were able to attend the Seabreeze camp services as well as spend lunch and the afternoon with the Bailey's (Tonya's family). Other than not getting much sleep due to the fact that we stayed up talking way to long (Thanks Jay and Tonya, it was a really good conversation!:)) and Evan cutting teeth we had a fabulous weekend. Evan got one of his bottom teeth the day before we left so he was feeling a little ouchy. He truly loved all the attention he got especially from Janelle, Janette, Becca and Breann.

Dressed in his Sunday outfit.
Our handsome little man with his hair parted.

Janelle and Evan.
Becca, Tonya, Jonathan , Uncle John, and Brent having a deep conversation.
Grandma Miller, Aunt Faye, Aunt Carol, Janette, Breann and Justin.
Daddy and Evan all dressed up for church.
Our family Sunday morning.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl and Thumb Sucking!

We were able to spend Sunday with some great friends who we hadn't seen in quite some time. We got really close to Rob and Steph when Justin and I first started dating. They got married ten months before we did and had Aiden ten months before we had Evan. We went to their house to "watch" the Super Bowl. Needless to say, we didn't see too much of the game. We had such a great time just talking and eating. We did see the fourth quarter which was the best part of the game anyway. We were all glad the NY Giants won! Aiden was so cute! It was neat to see what Evan will be doing in ten months.

Rob, Evan and Aiden. Aiden was so sweet! He was trying so hard to share his toys with Evan. He would bring one over and stand there until Evan took it. Of course Evan would just put it in his mouth!
Steph and Aiden. I actually just missed the picture I was trying to get. Steph was leaning on the wall with her ankles crossed and Aiden went right over and imitated her.

The following pictures are just some that I snapped in the past few weeks. Some of the pictures are from the end of January when we went out to celebrate Adam's birthday.
Sucking his thumb.
"Look Mommy, I'm talented! I can suck both thumbs at the same time!"
Uncle Adam, Evan and Daddy. Grandpa and Evan being silly. Notice the very wet bib. Evan had just pulled a glass of soda over to have a sip. It ended up in Grandma's purse! Cheryl, Adam and Justin. Daddy and Evan.
At the restaurant for Adam's birthday.