Friday, July 20, 2007

Three weeks old!

These are some pictures of Evan at three weeks old. It's hard to believe that on Sunday he will be four weeks already! My Mom got him the outfit he's wearing and even though it's newborn it still seems to swallow him up. He is growing though. As close as we can figure it he is about 7lbs and 14ozs now. He is taking about three to four ounces per feeding now. We needed to switch formulas last week after a few days of very bad tummy pains. He's doing great now that we switched and seems to be able to eat more as well. His next check up is Aug 1 so I will be anxious to see what the doctor has to say. He still does really well at sleeping most of the night. I think once he gets a little bigger he will soon skip the 2am feeding. So that is how Mister Evan is doing! I will blog more about my parents being here tomorrow.

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Aunt Brooke

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Justin's stepsister, Brooke while she was in Fl. This is her first nephew and they seemed quite taken with each other! We were out to eat when the top picture was taken and Evan was really watching his Aunt Brooke. I thought the bottom picture was so cute! We had been trying to wake Evan for a feeding and when we stepped away for a minute he put his little arm over his eyes as if to say please don't bother me! He is much like his daddy and mommy in the fact that he loves his sleep!
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Grandpa Harris

Well here it is two weeks later and I am just now getting the pictures up from when Grandpa Harris was here! I guess I had underestimated how incredibly busy it is to have a little one! I am going to try and do several blogs in the next few days! The top picture is Justin, Kim (Justin's dad), Evan and Adam (Justin's brother). The bottom picture is of course Justin and Adam. Kim and his wife Regale came the week after Evan was born for two days. He's definitely bigger now than he was then!
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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hello Again!

Yes, we are still alive! So much for blogging in a few days! It's amazing how fast schedules change. Evan is doing great and starting to put on some weight. He is currently 6lb 12oz. He had his first well-baby check up on Monday and the doctor said keep doing what we're doing because he is looking great. Evan had some jaundice due to the fact that his liver was a little immature, but that has cleared up and he is starting to enjoy his bottle. He sleeps through the night although we still have to wake him every four hours for a bottle. Once he's taking more per bottle and gains a little weight we can let him sleep for longer periods of time. At this point he is still sleeping a lot (about 16-20 hours a day). When he is awake he is calm and very interested in his surroundings. The only time he really cries is when he's hungry or has gas. Justin is doing a great job with helping. Evan really responds to his Daddy. It's so cute to watch the two of them. We are getting used to the lack of sleep and the feedings every couple of hours. I have finally started sleeping in between feedings at night and not jumping up every time Evan whimpers. My mother-in-law spent the first three nights with us which was a huge blessing! Justin's dad and his wife were here for two days with us. I will post some pictures of that later. My parents are arriving July 8 for 12 days which we are definitely looking forward to! We might even get five hours of sleep in a row!

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