Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's A....... Boy!

We found out Wednesday of this past week that our new little one is a BOY! This makes grandson number 6 for Mom and Dad! He looks very healthy and measures 5-6 days ahead of my due date (July 18). He was very cooperative for the ultrasound and seemed to be showing off. The tech was impressed with all the pictures she got and the fact that she was able to check everything out. It's kind of humorous that before the appointment we asked Evan if he wanted a girl and he said No. When we asked him if he wanted a boy he smiled really big and just sighed! Not that he has any clue but, when we ask him where the baby is he comes over and kisses my belly! He has learned recently to give kisses and has turned into quite the cuddle bug. He is growing up so fast! He has a very broad vocabulary and is really trying to talk in sentences. Normally you can only understand one or two words but, he does try. Here are some recent pictures of me at 23 weeks and our visit to the zoo. Evan really seemed to enjoy it. We even got to feed the giraffe which was very cool.