Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Evan Pictures

You can see his black and blue eye a little in this pic.
Sleeping little angel!

Does he look ornery or what! Keeps us on our toes and laughing!
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Recent Evan Pictures

Evan and Grandma at the circus. It was his first time and he loved it! He had a cold and had only napped for 30 minutes the entire day so I was a little leary about going. He sat for an hour and fifteen minutes before we left.
The elephants.
Mommy and Evan taking it all in.
His first black and blue eye. Daddy was giving him a bath when he fell and hit the side of his face on the tub. It turned pretty nasty looking for about two weeks.
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Christmas Pictures III

Evan's first sled ride with Pappy!
Helping Uncle Jay put a puzzle together. He sat there just watching for quite a while. So cute!
Jay and Tyler with a little bonding time!

April and David Slagenweit
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Christmas Pictures II

Allan, Marianne, Stephen, Philip and Daniel Brown.
Out little family with #2 on the way!
Jay, Tyler and Tonya Slagenweit.
My awesome parents! We love you guys!
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Christmas Pictures I

Pappy and Grandma Slagenweit with their five grandsons!
The whole family! 15 and one on the way.
The boys! All of them under 5. Quite an exciting time!
Allan, Daniel and Evan sharing a plate of food on Sunday evening. It's so much better when we share!
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