Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Week

It has been rather busy since my last post. Hence the lack of posting! Justin took me to Orlando for 3 days and 2 nights for my birthday. Actually we did it a few days early so Grandma and Grandpa could watch Evan. We had a wonderful, relaxing time! I am so thankful for such a sweet husband. We went bowling, to a movie and miniature golf while we were there. I did manage to take a few pics, but I haven't had time to upload them yet. I also have a bunch of new pics of Evan. He has learned how to climb into his highchair now! I walked out of the kitchen on Tuesday and he was sitting in his chair, pretty as you please! I thought I was losing my mind and that I had left him there until I caught him in the act. I also managed to catch it on video. He now says Dada, Dyda (instead of Daddy), Mama, Nighnigh (for night night) and Na (for no). We are working on drink and bye-bye. He has always been a pleasant baby, but the past two weeks he has started laughing at everything. We'll hear him giggling and go to see what he's laughing at and there is nothing that we can figure out. He's also becoming quite a Daddy's boy. He loves to follow his Daddy around and "help" Daddy with whatever he's working on. Justin has been busy as usual with the shopping centers. They are working on a deal right now with one of the bigger tenants that is in three of the centers. It has been slightly stressful so we are praying that everything resolves and it can quickly be leased. I will try and get the pics and videos uploaded in the next day or so. Have a blessed evening!

Before I forget, Charity (one of my blogging friends) posted the following this past week, "So!!! I'm challenging you as well. You've seen how denigrated men are in our society. I'd like to proclaim a "Praise Your Man in Public" week, and challenge each of you to post a little (or large) post on your blog next week telling us all how privileged you are to be Mr. X's wife. I've seen more than my share of women's groups fall into 'bash your man' groups. And 'if you think that's bad, listen to what MINE did' groups. Ugh! Let's be godly ladies, gals, and raise our man up in the process!" I had eluded to this in my Father's Day post.

Just for the record, I have been blessed beyond measure that God has given me the husband he did. Justin has been a rock in our marriage. He is always willing to say "I'm sorry, please forgive me" or "I was wrong"when he's been wrong. I know I can't always be the easiest person to live with, but he takes things in stride. He loves me for who I am. I appreciate the fact that he takes his responsibility as the spiritual leader in our home so seriously. He leads with a gentleness and humility. He is also an incredible Daddy to Evan as well. It melts my heart to watch him playing with Evan or to hear him tell Evan Bible stories. I love having a husband who is so sensitive to what God wants for him. I could write paragraph after paragraph about Justin. I love you Sweetheart! Thank you for being an awesome Husband and Daddy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Vacation and Evan's One Year Check-up!

Yes, we are still alive! It has been a VERY busy few weeks. Sorry for the numerous posts. Blogger was giving me fits about uploading pictures so I had to use Picasa. Anyway, I tried to get everything in chronological order. We left for PA on June 21 and arrived the 22. My brother Jonathan and his family were there for the first few days of our vacation. On the 24th we had a little "party" for Evan's first birthday. Mom made a wonderful dinner! We had cake and then went out for ice cream. Evan played in his cake some but I had David take the pictures and I don't have them yet. He enjoyed all his birthday gifts and the attention he got! We mainly just hung out and enjoyed everyone's company. The Miller (my Mom's side) Family reunion was the 28th. It was great seeing my Mom's siblings. Some of them I only see once every year or so. We had a nice turnout. There was a ton of food at lunch and the evening found us at my parents for homemade ice cream and desserts. We left PA on Monday the 30th to head to the Outer Banks of NC. We met up with Justin's parents and his stepdad's family. Unfortunately, I didn't get one single picture of the house we stayed at and very few pictures of anything else! What can I say, it's hard to juggle a camera and all the things that a baby needs! The house was a beautiful 5 bedroom house in Duck, NC. We were a half a mile from the Sound and the ocean. If you went out on the top floor porch you could see both bodies of water. We took Evan to the beach, but he wasn't overly fond of it. Most of the time we just stayed poolside and enjoyed the water and sun there. Evan flew back with Justin's parents due to several physical issues. We felt it would be better if he didn't have to stay in a car seat for 15 hours. He did fairly well with the flights. Since we have been back we have had several appointments and a wedding which is why I am just now getting a chance to blog. Evan had his one year check up this past Tuesday. He weighed 21 lbs. and is 31 inches long. He had to get three immunization and two finger pricks. The doctor said he looks great and is very healthy despite being a little small in weight. He took his first alone steps this past Friday and now he is walking across the room by himself! It is so cute to watch him see something he wants then think about it before walking to where it is. He climbs onto the couch and recliner by himself and is finally learning to get down back end first. The first few times it was a head dive off onto the floor! He is still the happiest little man in the world. Laughing and smiling and trying so hard to talk. He is almost off formula now and is completely off baby food. He keeps us laughing and busy! We love being parents!

Before we left for PA we had a little Father's Day/ Evan's birthday party. These are the pictures from that occasion.
Uncle Adam being silly!:)
"My Dad Rocks"
Evan's new toy train. He pushes it all around the house!

Grandma and Grandpa with a not so thrilled Evan. He has an aversion to anything on his head!
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Pappy and Evan on the swings!
Grandma, Pappy and Evan. He really loved those swings!
The "kids" Jonathan and Tonya! Their son was sleeping peacefully in the stroller beside the sandbox.

Our family on June 24, 2008.
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Evan with Grandma and Pappy at the park. We had a picnic lunch on Evan's birthday and then played on the swings!
Baby Tyler completely oblivious to the world around him! Such a Sweetheart!
Tyler and Evan watching their Daddies play horseshoes!

Dad looking on as Justin throws a ringer!
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Evan's birthday dinner. Happy First Birthday!
Eating some very yummy chicken casserole!
The cake!

Once again, the birthday boy not thrilled with the hat, but it was too cute to not get one picture!
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Fun at the pool! Thanks girls for entertaining Evan!
His new hairstylists! Notice the mohawk!
Uncle David and Evan.

Uncle Steve and my Dad.
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At the Miller Family reunion. Uncle Roger, Aunt Mary Lou with Evan, Breann and Janelle.
Grandma Miller. She does not like the camera! Hopefully, she will forgive me for putting this picture up!
Aunt April and Evan. She did a great job getting him to eat in all the commotion!

Evan with the next youngest cousin Hope. She did such a great job playing with and watching out for him. Evan really seemed to like her and he followed her around.
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All dressed up for Sunday morning.
Pappy, Grandma and Evan.
Uncle David sharing M&M's with Evan!

Pappy sharing more M&M's with Evan!:)
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Sunday evening we had a great time playing Trivia for Dummies (L-R: Breann, Justin, April, Mom, Dad holding Evan, Janelle, and David). We played in teams and I am happy to say Dad and I won both games!:)
A rainbow on Sunday evening at Mom and Dad's.
Jeff, Kellie, Justin and Kirsten waiting to get our table. After a delicious dinner we had a round of mini golf.

Grandpa and Evan in the Outer Banks.
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