Sunday, March 30, 2008

An awesome blog and prayer request!

I have been reading an amazing blog since the first of February. My sister actually sent me the link and since then I have seen it on several blogs I read. It is an incredible blog about a husband and wife with CF and their beautiful micro preemie. As I write this they are waiting for news on a new set of lungs for Tricia. They just got the call tonight and are waiting to see if it's a sure match. Their story has really captured me. I know they would appreciate all the prayers they can get at this point. If you have time to check it out it is worth the reading! The link is .

Pictures from last week

Evan with his Easter baskets. He wasn't too sure about the bunny ears Grandma put on his head!
Cheryl and Adam Easter Sunday.
Grandma and Evan out for Grandma's birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!
Uncle Dick and Aunt Pat have been here for the past week. We've had a lot of fun hanging out! We had everyone over for dinner Friday evening, but I forgot to get the camera out!
Daddy and Evan being silly and sharing a straw! Evan has developed a fascination with straws. He will play for a half hour with one without a peep!

Good Friday and Easter

On the left is Evan ready for his first time in the big pool. Below is Daddy and Evan enjoying the beautiful day and nice warm pool.

Daddy and our little man. He wasn't feeling well at all in this picture. Grandma trying to get Evan to eat on Easter.

I know this post is a week late, but figured better late than never! Good Friday we took Evan to the pool for the first time. Before we would just stick his feet in. He loved it! He slashed and laughed. Since we live in a primarily older community the old folks are at the pool a lot. They got a kick out of him and he loved the attention. We didn't try completely putting him under water this time, but I really don't think he would have minded. I've been working on it in the bath tub for the past several months. Evan and I both got a stomach bug on Saturday. Our Easter was a little bummy since both of us only got three hours of sleep the night before and he had spent most of the night crying. It's the first time he's gotten sick. Our next door neighbor had it and we were at their house without realizing that she had been sick. Even though we didn't make it to church I dressed Evan up in his Easter outfit from my Mom. We didn't get any pictures though. He just wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken. I'll get pictures of him in it up this week.

I was thinking this past week about the significance of Easter for Christians. My sister had posted the following blog about my nephew's view of the crucifixion.
"1. Philip has been telling him the story of the crucifixion and yesterday as we were laying down to take our afternoon nap he asked me to tell him. I gave a very shortened version and we talked about how terrible the suffering was that Jesus went through. (Of course in his mind if he had been there he would have "poked" Pilate and the bad soldiers and it would have never happened.) I made the statement that what Jesus had to go through was awful and I didn't even like to think about it. Allan asked me why I didn't like to think about and I told him in made me sad because it was so terrible. He replied that I shouldn't feel that way because when Jesus suffered "he conquered death" and that wasn't sad. As he lay sleeping I though it really is true, instead of focusing on the awfulness of the crucifixion I should focus on what was accomplished by it. Death was conquered and I'm so very thankful."
Easter has not been the same for me since I watched The Passion. The visualization of what Christ may have gone through for my sin changed me. I am so very thankful for a loving Saviour who paid the ultimate price! Allan is right, the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and conquered death gives us reason to not be sad. I don't every want to forget what was accomplished by Christ hanging on the cross or His resurrection. Happy belated Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Back!

I apologize for the lack of blogging the past few weeks! Justin's and my computer both decided to be obnoxious at the same time. It was crazy considering we're on the computer for hours every day. Justin works from his computer so it's a much bigger deal when his computer goes down.
Justin has been busy setting up the new shopping center in Memphis, TN and finishing out the paperwork for the shopping center that was sold here in FL. I am going to be helping with the TN center which I am really looking forward to. I worked with my mother-in-law this past month auditing a doctor. As funny as it may sound I actually loved it! The majority of work was going through dozens of medical charts, writing reviews of the visits and making sure it was billed under the proper code.
Evan is doing great! Sleeping 11-12 hours at night and taking 2 naps a day. When he is up he wants to be exploring. He used to love his exersaucer, but now gets frustrated because he wants to be down crawling around. It is so funny the things he likes to play with! We have a room full of brightly colored toys and he wants the box his Easter outfits came in! Thanks for the adorable outfits, Mom and also the box (he is fascinated with it)! He still just has the four front teeth. The past day or two he has really started drooling again and chewing on everything in sight. We are wondering if he will get the next four as close together as he got the last ones. Evan was having trouble eating again so the pediatrician put him back on the reflux medication which is helping. We will try and wean him off it again after Evan turns a year old.
Now that I have a computer that is working I will update more often!

Our friends Rob and Steph came over last Friday evening for pizza and games. Their son Aiden is 18 months old. The boys played together pretty well. Aiden is such a sweet boy. He would bring toys for Evan to play with. After the boys went to bed we had a great time playing MadGab. I'm not very good at it and the rest of them had fun laughing at my lack of catching on! You know when something is right there and you don't see it? That was me!

"I'm coming to get you!"
Ready for church.

This is a short clip of Evan crawling. He has learned what "come here" means. When you reach for him and say come here, he gets a big grin on his face and scoots his way over to you.