Saturday, September 29, 2007

Three Months Old!

Evan turned three months old September 24 which is incredibly hard to believe! He is such a little charmer and has a very cute personality. We were out to eat and he was cooing and smiling at everyone that walked by him! Yesterday he laughed out loud for the first time! I figured it would be soon and as I was getting him dressed for the day he looked at me and giggled. Of course, when I got Daddy he stopped and just looked at us grinning. Sometimes I think he knows too much already! It's so amazing how he changes daily. His acid reflux is about the same. We now have him on Maalox every feeding and Axid twice a day. He isn't having the pain like he had been, but he still doesn't want to eat much. He sleeps now from 9-10PM until 7AM. We have also been successful at getting him to take three daytime naps. He loves to play and be sitting up when he is awake. We have also discovered he loves being outside. Since we live in Florida we hadn't taken him out much due to the heat. It is finally cooling down enough to take him for walks.
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Friday, September 28, 2007

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Misty to give seven random facts about myself. Sorry it took me this long to get to it, Misty!

1. I think it would be neat to be a race car driver. I have a need for speed!
2. I met my handsome husband on
3. I am living my dream. Being a wife and mother. Ever since I can remember that's what I wanted to be and I love every minute of it.
4. I love to clean! (Maybe it's more that I like the results than the cleaning itself!)
5. Ever since I was pregnant with Evan I have suddenly developed a love of spicy food.
6. In my job as a pediatric nurse, I resuscitated a patient of mine that was 1 year old at the time. Something I hope I never have to do again as long as I live! If I close my eyes I can still see his little blue body laying in the crib.
7. I have driven from PA to Fl in 17 hours only stopping 3 times for a total of 40 minutes. (I never want to do it again, but it was worth it to see Justin!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Evan and I had the chance to catch up with some "old" friends today. Sharron and I attended Hobe Sound Bible College together. She was such a great friend to a very homesick girl! It has been really neat to recently "reconnect" with her and her husband Tim. They are truck drivers and had a load in our area so we met at Cracker Barrel for lunch. Evan of course loved them and the attention they bestowed on him! Thanks Tim and Sharron for lunch and the wonderful time visiting! It was so great seeing you!
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New Pictures

Here are a few pictures we took of Evan the last two weeks. He is doing great other than not wanting to eat much. He will take three to three and a half ounces per bottle but not much more. The doctor wants him to be taking four to six ounces per feeding. The doctor is going to decide tomorrow if he needs to be seen by a specialist. Other than the eating issues Evan is a very happy healthy little man. He is "talking" and smiling constantly now when he is awake. He likes to "talk" on the phone. I put my mom on speaker phone on Sunday and Evan just looked at it and smiled and talked! He had no idea we weren't talking to him. He is sleeping from 10:30pm to 8:00am which is a blessing! No matter how he feels or whats going on he still sleeps like a champ! We are to work on getting him to sleep 11-12 hours at night by his 4 month checkup. I think he will once he starts eating more.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Evan Update

Evan had his two month two week check up yesterday. He weighed 12lbs 2 ozs and is 24 inches long! I can't believe how much he has grown. The medicine for his reflux is working well and he is eating much better. Also he is back to sleeping 11pm to 7am. The doctor wants us to work on getting him to take 4-6 ozs at a feeding and sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night. His next appointment isn't until the four month check up so we have some time to work on it. He got four shots and one oral vaccine yesterday. Poor little guy reacts so strongly to vaccines! He has been running a fever, not eating well, crying in pain, gassy, swollen, red thighs, etc. He also is very congested which doesn't help anything. Gone is our smiling happy little boy for now! We moved him into our room last night so I could keep a close eye on him. Bless his heart, even when he isn't feeling well he sleeps well which I thank the Lord for! He has been so alert and happy since we got his reflux treated. We are amazed at how alert he is and how aware he is of his surroundings. When we were up north he would be crying while someone was holding him and looking around for Daddy or Mommy and be comforted the minute one of us picked him up. We had not realized until then how much he knows us. Here in Fl he doesn't really see that many people (outside of Grandma and Grandpa White, Gigi and Pa, and Justin and I) and has really gotten to know us. When we arrived home Thursday evening I carried him into the house and turned the lights on as I went through the rooms. He started looking around and then got a big grin on his face as if to say "I'm home!". He was smiling and giggling all evening!
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Here are some pictures we took at my sister's. The top one is of Evan with his cousin Allan. Allan was quite tickled with Evan but, I think he was a little frustrated that Evan couldn't really play with him! The second picture is of Evan and Grandma. The third picture is of the three cousins, Allan, Daniel and Evan. It was quite a task getting them to sit there for this picture! The forth one is of Evan and Pappy. This was right before they left and Evan was catching a catnap. I'm so sorry, Marianne that we didn't get any pictures of you with Evan! I will post pictures of our trip to the Creation Museum later.

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The trip!

Okay, let me start off by saying in my defense we've never traveled with a baby before! When we arrived at our destination(s) everyone laughed at the amount of stuff we had! The top picture is of Evan getting "rested up" before the 15 hour trip. The second picture is of the back of our van. Our third row folds down and we had the back completely full! As I said before, having never traveled with an infant before I wasn't sure what all we would need. So when in doubt pack everything! My poor husband told several people all we left behind was the shell of the house!:) The third and fourth pictures are of Evan chilling out and Daddy driving. Evan did really well considering we drove straight through on the way up. Our first stop was IN at Justin's dad's. We were there for a wedding and family reunion. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that portion of the trip. We had a really nice time and Evan and I got to meet a lot of Justin's family for the first time. To those of you who read this blog, thank you for being so warm and welcoming! It was so nice to meet all of you and we look forward to seeing you again! Our second stop was in OH at my sister's. My Mom and Dad were also there. Evan got to meet his cousins for the first time and although he wasn't sure what to think of all the noise he seemed to enjoy the boys playing. We had a great time going to the Creation Museum and just hanging out! And of course eating! For those of you who know my family, my Mom and sister are incredible cooks and we love to eat! Mom had made gobs, sugar cookies with icing and brownie desert to snack on. I think I gained several pounds while I was there! She had also canned tomatoes for Marianne and I. There is nothing like home canned tomatoes to use for cooking! We stopped just south of Atlanta on the way home due to not wanting to push Evan to far. He did so great and we all had a wonderful time with family!

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