Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our little gangster!

Evan has really started responding to us this past week. Smiling and cooing with a few squeals added for good measure! He is starting to sleep 6-7 hours a night before needing a bottle. It amazes us how quickly he is changing! The picture on the top is of Evan "talking " to Grandma Slagenweit. He likes to hear people talk even if he can't see them. The second picture is just one I snapped while he was napping yesterday. The shirt says "Dad thinks he's in charge". My Aunt Faye got him that shirt. The bottom picture is the reason for the title. Justin had Evan in our room yesterday and I suddenly heard Justin laughing and Evan squealing. I, of course, came running to see what the commotion was about! Justin had his hat on Evan and apparently they both got a kick out of it!:) We are definitely having fun with him. It's so nice that he has started to enjoy music and toys. Thanks Marianne for the Sunday School Songs CD! He really seems fascinated with it.

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Truckin Teeds said...

What a fun age! Cute pictures, by the way! :o)
I'll try to get you Amber's info soon. Right now I only have a phone # and email address for her...her mailing address will be changing again really soon, so it's not worth giving out.

Springer Family said...

Glad you are having fun with him!! It makes it all worth it when its fun!!

Misty said...

Cute pictures!!

thomas-erin-enyart said...

Congratulations on the cute baby boy. I haven't seen pics of him on myspace, but was surfing blogs and found you. Can't believe we are all old enough to be married and parents. Seems like last year we were in the dorm stressing out about exams and trying to find a skirt without a slit! Good times. Take care, Erin